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Snow Day!

Well by my surprise, got out of bed this morning, then my phone rang, turns out it only had been snowing over night and school was closed! Specific instructions that teachers use the day as PPA time. Ill settle for that and proceeded to plan for next week, so literacy and phonics have been planned. 

Starting a Literacy unit that I don't enjoy ... poetry! Ahhhhh but think I have got it scouted out. Phonics is rather nice as were are beginning to look at alternate spellings. Really enjoying seeing the progress so far with my bunch of children!

All Things Phonics #2 Planning


This one is for all the teachers out there, but hey if you are a parent and this is useful, feel free to make use. Just thought I'd provide some sample planning that I use in my classroom. In Year One we do Phonics on a daily basic in quick 20 minute sessions. Usually takes place after registration in the morning. We make use of our shared TA but using her for a support group of children consolidating Phase 3 sounds, while myself and the other Year One teacher work on our Phase 5 group.

Below I have share an example of Phase 3 and Phase 5 group planning for the week.

Phase 3 Planning

Phase 5 Planning - Split Digraphs

All Things Phonics #1 Introduction


Think I am goings to do a bit of focus on Phonics. Being just qualified phonics was quite difficult to teach with very little input given at university other than a little theory. But what once was a little difficult I am now beginning to shine. Big focus being in Year One with the new reading test in Summer term, but alas it has made me see how children learn phonics and put it in to phonics.

Of the next few posts ill try to post some of the things that have helped me along the way, bit of planning and useful places to have a look. Feel free to get in touch with any suggestions!

Anyone else just have this book thrown at them?

Happy New Year!

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